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My gf finally came...


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Potentially TMI in this post...


I've made a few posts saying how my gf hasn't cum before. The fact that she doesn't masturbate doesn't help either.


Anyhow we've been together for about 9 months now and the other night as we were fooling around for hours I asked her if I could have a go at making her cum, she was all cool about it. I know I can make her cum because even though she is my first gf I have read a few things on the net and know how to hit a girls G spot. Her telling me that she has had the sensation to pee real bad when I finger her meant that I knew she was always holding back.


Anyhow so the other night she literally gushed all over me, it was awesome. I couldn't believe how much there was hehe. Anyhow, she told me that she didn't orgasm though. It seems pretty weird to me that she came but didn't reach orgasm. I actually tried a second and third time and she squirted even more!!!! Still, no orgasm though.


Is this an abnormality? Is she just getting closer to oragasm? I know sometimes I start cumming a few seconds before orgasm but is this the same case?

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You sure you she didn't just piss on you?!?! Haha.

I dunno, i've never cum either! It's weird i feel like a FREAKKK.


No, it was definitely not urine as I smelt it straight away and it was odorless as well as colorless. There was tons of it on the bed and it did not stain whatsoever.





Maybe she was just wet? Girls can get really, really wet and not have a full on orgasm...


No, it was like a waterfall, it was soooo much in a few seconds. I can tell the difference between her being wet and squirting uncontrollably

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well i know that when i come i dont have any huge rushes of fluid so i dont really know if this is indicative of an orgasm. you should tell your girlfriend to touch herself when she is alone... to try to get more in tuned with her body - it's gonna be hard for you to try to get her to a place where she cant get herself.

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Sounds to me she is getting REAL close. Keep practicing. Practice make Perfect!! It will come soon...(pun completely intended).


Thanks, we will keep practicing. I can't wait!



Brandnew, girls have about 4 different types of orgasm, the one I was going for is the G spot orgasm as I've gotten her close many times before.


I've had problems getting it right with her clit as I think she doesn't like getting close to orgasm this way, I think she feels uncomfortable or too sensitive.

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