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Plath's "Monologue at 3 AM"

Daddy Bear

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Better that every fiber crack

and fury make head,

blood drenching vivid

couch, carpet, floor

and the snake-figured almanac

vouching you are

a million green counties from here,


than to sit mute, twitching so

under * * * * * ling stars,

with stare, with curse

blackening the time

goodbyes were said, trains let go,

and I, great magnanimous fool, thus wrenched from

my one kingdom.

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A monologue is an extended, uninterrupted speech by a single person. The person may be speaking his or her thoughts aloud or directly addressing other persons


Okay I think I understand this poem better now. She is still not talking to you. There are sow many emotions screaming from these word, it is really sad.


It is beautiful and sad.


I love it.


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