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Finding a catalyst for change

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Does anybody else here feel like they are searching for some kind of change in there life? Something to really knock them out of the hypnosis they find themselves stuck in? Everyday life feels like a daze for me and I find myself questioning why I am stuck. I pray for that hypothetical 2 X 4 to hit me and make everything in my life clearer. But nothing yet. I'm really not sure if this catalyst should be a woman in my life, or a new job, or maybe even a new location to give me new perspective. Maybe its all of these things. I really do know that if this catalyst was a girl, it would really change how I view everything right now. Maybe it would change how I feel like I'm wasting my life away at a job that pays me decent money, but leaves me no time for any sort of social life. Its a night job and I work alone. I don't really see to many other people and none of the people I do see are women. I just saw the movie 'Wanted' and I won't spoil it for anybody, but it kind of triggered my mindset. I've always had these thoughts but never really put them into words. Its almost like I'm searching for that meaning to my life. And searching for who I am because I really don't know who I am.

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This is the conundrum that seems to surface with all intelligent people at some point in time. I admire people who can be content with their mediocre jobs, working in the same town they grew up in, never really doing anything. I find myself in the same situation, but I know that it's not quite the right time for me to act yet.


My biggest recommendation to you would be to take some time off to travel, and I mean really travel - none of this tourist in a Hawaiian shirt crap. Get out there and experience people, see the world, and gain some insight into what is out there. New settings will give you time to think, time to put your life in perspective, and also time to simply relax and enjoy yourself - something we never truly get to do in our day to day routines. Moving before you find a path for yourself wont help any - you'll simply rise to face the same issues in a new setting. Also, while women can do amazing things for a man's outlook on life, you should be weary of placing all of your hope for a new goal in life on that of another person, especially at our age. Sure, go out and date when you can - get the experience, but wait to really invest yourself until after you've found out what really motivates you. Find something that drives you - something that could make you content even if you were single for the rest of your life.


The little traveling that I have managed up to this point has really helped to let me know that there really is more out there than what we face day to day - so much more that it is impossible to comprehend. I'm simply holding out until I graduate college before I really just throw myself out into the world and see what comes of it. We all need an adventure from time to time, and I'm not looking to put it off any longer than is necessary. Maybe you just need a good adventure away from what you consider normal?

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I know exactly how you feel. I am also more or less lost about my own identity, and purpose in life. Just going with the flow, kinda drifting along my entire life, has caused me to really doubt what it's all leading to, and why. I can't really present any solution to the problem, but Vonnegut42 definetly has some good suggestionts.


Going travelling will probably help with the search for yourself. Just seeing yourself, acting and participating, in a variety of different situations will help with determining who you are. It's a bad idea to place your whole future on some mystery women walking into your life and throwing everything upside down. First of all it's very unlikely that will happen. Second, if it did happen you would probably become dependent on her, seeing as how she is the reason for getting to a manageable existence. What will happen if she, for whatever reason, isn't there anymore. You will be right back where you started.


All in all, you just need to see that you can change your life. The more you are aware of this fact, the easier it will be to be contend with your life at it's present state.


(eh as i look at it now it seems more like i were talking to myself then to you. But maybe theres something you can use.)

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I understand what you guys are saying about not putting my hope in a woman to fix my life. I'm to the point now where a girl would really snap me out of the funk I'm in. She doesn't even have to be a girlfriend or anything like that. Even a girl I could date would help me loads. I just need some sort of female interaction is what I'm getting at. Because I have none what so ever. Its a damn sausage fest at work. BTW, I am a field mechanic that works on Catapillar. So I'm by myself and the only other people I see are mechanics, but they are all guys. Just an FYI

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