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Kids say the darndest things

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I thought it would be cute to post what your little ones have said that just had you giggling with delight or perhaps left you so embarrased you just wanted to run away and hide?



Last night my 3 year old grand daughter needed to use the restroom so I turned the light on for her. On the counter, I had left an un-opened tampon. The packaging was decorated with flowers.


She sees it sitting on the counter and with such an ethusiastic voice she says...


"oooohhhhhhh lollipops"


Too cute.

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LOL!!! Too funny Metrogirl!!


Woke my 4 year old up this morning. He whines..."I didn't get enough sleep!!"


I said, come on dude. Time to get up.


He sits up and says, "Alright! Let's get started!"


Laid back down and fell asleep....



Well he did say he didn't get enough sleep! LOL


Now you know he wasn't fibbing.........

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It's not overly funny, but I find it cute. Whenever my roommate's 3yr old daughter is acting up and her mom calls her out on it, she proclaims, "but, MOM, I want to be good!!!!"


The way she says it, the look on her face...so cute

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It's not overly funny, but I find it cute. Whenever my roommate's 3yr old daughter is acting up and her mom calls her out on it, she proclaims, "but, MOM, I want to be good!!!!"

The way she says it, the look on her face...so cute


Don't we all want to be good? LOL


Kids are just too cute.....I love the little buggers.

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not my personal story, but one of my clients, who is a grandmother ,was woken up by her 4 year old grand daughter at 2am, who said, "grandma, life is sometimes not what it seems". lol.


Oh my goodness..that is darling.


I often wonder where they get some of the things they say......They are so small and yet sometimes they sound so grown......

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I was trying on a dress at the mall and i commented "i'm not sure if i really like it" - So, my 8 yr old looks at me and comes out with " Just wear it on the days you do"


They are so practical. LOL.


They know us so well don't they?......


Some days we like our clothes and somedays we don't


Sounds like he will understand women a lot easier when he gets older.

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When he was three or so, my son Tim wobbled into my room one day looking pale. 'Daddy, I frowed up," he fretted.


"Oh, no," I said, picturing a nasty carpet cleanup. "Where?"


He pointed to his face, frowning at the stupidity of my question. "From my mouf!"

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My 2 year old daughter, Scarlet-Rose, loves my tattoos.

She loves watching me get them done, she loves rubbing the healing cream in, she loves 'her' one {just a red rose on my arm, with 'Scarlet' accross it}.


So when I told her off for scribbling on her chest with textas, she just looked at me in the biggest 'you're an idiot' way, and said: "Mumma has drawing. Bad Mumma" then pointed at my chest.


Now what do you say to that?

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Last night my grandson wanted something to drink so he asked my mom. She poured him some juice. He asked why couldn't he have some soda. She told him that it's not good for him.


To which he replies " I don't want to get dia-bee-bee's (diabetes)

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my nephew was getting yelled at the other night for doing something...he wasn't even getting yelled at to the extreme...just being talked to in a loud tone. he was crying...


my niece put her hand on my sisters shoulder and told my sister not to call the cops. where she got that from i don't know! LOL.


she is really protective and concerned about my nephew. whenever he is being yelled at or punished she'll tell my sister or brother in law to stop. she'll also tell my nephew not to cry and that it's ok. it's so cute.


but ya, she told my sister not to call the cops. her tone of voice and her face was so concerned and scared. it was HILARIOUS!

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My carpal tunnel has been acting up lately and I have had a really swollen hand. My grandson looked my hand over and said he knew what was wrong.


Nana, your wires are tangled inside. See the blue one, (the vein in my wrist) it's twisted inside and you have to untangle them and then it will be better.

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My daughter decided to put a card in an envelope for a friend of ours. Without letting me know. So - the envelope is sealed - she wrote our names on the outside (since she forgot to write inside.)


No address on it yet. She asked "so I can take it to the mail?" Told her we need to buy a stamp for it.. and put the address on.


Her response "Ohhhh Checkers...."


Not sure who she got that from... lol

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I told my grandson we would download a game onto my cell phone since we hadn't bought one in a while. So we go through the list of games available and I'm reading to him the descriptions of each game to better help him choose. Part of the decription for a Snoopy game reads:


Play as Snoopy in one of his most famous fantasies, as the WWI Flying Ace, and embark on a mission to save the day.


My grandson replies; but Nana, I don't know how to embark......


Too cute...........

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