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Need help, do not know what to do about my girlfriend

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i have been going out with this girl for about 4 months and we have really fallen for each other and are in love. i love this girl so much, but she makes me so mad sometimes. She has done a lot of things in her past that are really horrible and theses things really bother me sometimes. i really do not know what to do, is it stupid for me to be mad about what she did in her past? because now she is with me and loves me and i love her but i am would just like some advice because i am going crazy thinking about the things that she has done because when i say horrible i mean horrible. Should i really be judging her by her past and how can i not let this bother me and would other people let it bother them. please let me know i really need help soon.

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Granted whats done is done and nothing you say or do can change the past...however depending on what your girl did is the question...it may help if you tell us some of the things that is bothering you...however keep in mind that just because she is not doing these things now does not mean she will not do them again...i know it sucks but 4 months really is not long enough to "feel" her out and see if she is a changed person..i wish you the best of luck however

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This will always bother you (her past). Are you afraid she will cheat on you or something? Sometimes it is better not to know about someones past. The only person that has the answer to this question is you. You will eventually get over it in the future.... but if you dont then you are wasting her time as well as yours. Good Luck

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