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I dont really know if its a good idea

mr me

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Im not really over my ex but the way things have been going that i dont really know if that will be in the near future. I put off dating anyone after i had 2 quick relationships that i ended because i wasnt over her. I guess somehow i thought that would mean something but idk. Im gonna try not to talk about my ex because i really dont see what good it will do. I just feel like im stuck here. I feel like i had a pretty good idea of what dating was like before i met my ex but i was alot younger then and didnt know as much as i do now. Its just now all the stuff i know is kinda making it really hard for me to just be open to new things. Im kinda stuck and thats kinda why ive been trying to get out of that and move on. Its just im still struggling alot and i get panic attacks alot with trying to move on. Im trying to work on my past issues but i dont really see it like im able to look at dating so seriously now so im kinda just trying take it easy which i feel is better anyways. I dont feel like on paper im what alot of girls are looking for but i do see myself having alot of good qualities that might be overlooked. I have some pretty bad issues that im working on so slowy they are getting better.


I still feel like im in the rebound stage which i dont like but i dont see it like i can just stay here and wait for things to get better anymore. I feel clingy sometimes because of my depression but i really try to have it under control. Its just im really not so comfortable with the idea of getting close to anyone but i know i have to overcome that. I keep on getting myself freaked out by thinking that what i went thru might happen again. I know that you never know what will happen. I also know that i have good qualities as well as bad ones but im human and am trying to be ok with that. Im also trying to work on my sometimes unrealistic expectations. I also feel like sex is a big part of a relationship but its not everything. Its just that its a neccesity. I guess i just kinda wrote that because ive tried to go for the good girl and idk if thats a real way of looking at people like good or bad but alot of those girls that ive been around seem to be scared of sex to some point. I kinda wonder if somehow im scared of it as well because like attracts like but ive never had that problem. Ive been with a girl that had really high expectations and it was like anything i did that might have been sexual almost instantly made me seem different in her eyes. I just feel like thats my hardest thing is im not over the pain of my past relationships and ive been with girls that were like that. Those were the 2 quick relationships i had after my ex. So now i see myself being that way or im aware of it now and i dont really know how well ill handle a relationship. Its just i cant keep on waiting anymore so i dont really know what will happen. I dont know i just had to get that out of my head and see what was going on with how i was feeling.

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ok so i might be a bit inexperienced with dating but i think i have some good advice for you. stop trying to date. being in a relationship takes effort but getting in one shouldnt take to much. just go out and have some fun. if you are looking to get over your ex you never will because everything you do is about her. if you just go out to have some fun then everything becomes about you and the people you are with so your ex will just start to fade out of your head. ya it will take some time. but you need to stop looking for a way out. just accept that u had a relationship that you enjoyed and you will have more of those and you will feel the same way but you will get over it. just stop making your life all about getting over her. make it about having fun and being yourself. you will feel alot happier.

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