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Birthday Blues

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So, my birthday is next weekend and I am beginning to feel a bit down about it. My past birthdays, aside form last year, have all been depressing from them being forgotten to no one showing to catastrophies during the day.


Last year my g/f gave me a nice gift, a book, and a card.. Was the best birthday by far so in a sense I'm happy to see what she;s planning this year. The thing is, though, that it is depressing me quite a bit and despite it being a milestone birthday (21) I do not drink and the pressure to do it is getting me a bit down as well.


Just started a summer job (fast food) and that's been wearing me down as well. Overall, though, my birthday depresses me, it;s the day my cousin died and the day my twin was miscarried, so every year is a reminder of those occasions.

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Hey Taomagicdragon,

Happy birthday next weekend!!!

I remember 21....I think

You wrote some hard things to get feedback on.

BD's can really be tough especially when bad things have happened.

I don't have any magic advice or anything, but maybe look back on this past year and all the accomplishments you have achieved.

I'm sure there are some, yes?

You have a gf to give you support on that day....take it.

Don't feel pressure about drinking.

I didn't take a drink until I was past 27.

Never missed out on anything.

People will respond, just give them time.


Again, happy birthday!

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