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It's raining today :(

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Im anxious today. Wanna call him so badly. Just to at least know smth about him. I don't know anything about him since Sunday. But I'm so scared because I know nothing has changed and he's gonna tell me he's still with her or, which is evenworse, ignore me completely.


I feel like I'm slowly going crazy, and it's also raining. We (me and friends) had great plans for the weekend which is not happening anymore So we're gonna

stay inside and all I'm gonna do is think of him, and the fact that he'll be

with her, probably in bed all day because of the rain, and how I used to be the

one he spent rainy weekends with. I hate this!!!


I don't wanna break NC at all, but I'm close to failing miserably again.

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Hey sweetjg


Honey - I am sorry you are having a tough time here. I know that you feel bad and that you want to contact him, but go with your scared feeling darling because if you contact him you will feel even worse than you do now because you know you won't get the answers you want and worse still, you could find out stuff to really hurt you.


Try and keep yourself busy - raining or no rain - get yourself through this a day at a time if you need to. Oh - and come back here for more support, but please don't contact him - ok?!



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