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When does just a fazer become a medical problem?


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Humm there is a long list. But the main ones are do you want to kill your self? Do you feel that there is nothing for you in life? Do you have a hard time geting out of bed? Do you not eat as much as you should? If you said yes to some of these then you should go to a doctor and see what he saids.

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It's on and off type of thing, but it has never gone away and has always been with me. My family members say it's just a faze and I would go to a professional, but they are expensive. I know how it goes I get reffred to one doctor and then 5 others. They will probably give me a bottle of medication that just makes things worse.


I can get out of bed; I occasionally have those feelings that you mentiond and I'm trying to diet. I guess that could be one cause

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