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How common is it for couples to get back together?

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Well I would have to say it is about a 35% to 45% chance that you will get back with your ex the first time and then it changes to 10% to 25% chance for the second and then if you get back to gether after that I would have to say it is an 5% to 15% chance every time after that.

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i wouldnt actually say that it was more common, but then again i havent been looking for thjose scenarios, all i think is that they say people who are meant to be together will end up or stay together. i guess its a fifty fifty chance what we make once things have gone unexpectidly wrong.


as for the women part, it could be that it is harder to go back to an honest man and admit that you could be wrong, or that you do deserve each other, than to go back to someone that is easy to return to.


i hope that makes sense.


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I don't think there's any real "statistic" that can be placed on couples getting back together, and, moreover, STAYING back together, since every situation is unique. There are too many factors involved in what makes people want to try again, such as what problems caused the breakup, if both sides were willing to work at resolving those problems, no other attractions coming into play, age, location, etc. I think it's on the rare side for couples to actually make another go at it and be successful, since there's obviously a lot of hurt involved in the dissolution of a relationship and the "dumpee" doesn't want to face those feelings with that person all over again, should things not work out.


People always say "I've changed!" after a breakup, but if you look at most people, they haven't really changed that much. They've adopted an attitude they think will be more appealing to their ex, to make them more winsome. But basic character traits remain underneath, and that's generally what causes a relationship to fall apart, when the two sets of character traits are so different from each other. It doesn't make any one person "bad", it just simply means those two people weren't compatible.


So I don't have any real answer to your question, merely that, if the situation is absolutely right and two people are willing to work on compromise (which so few do, and which is SO important in any relationship) there's a larger chance they might get back together. But if two personalities seem to clash after being together for awhile and that's what causes the breakup, chances are it'll happen again when you try again, since people can't change who they intrinsically are.


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