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how long I'll completely completely forget him?


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I'm not thinking about getting together with my ex at all (being together 2 months). we're not good match. and he left me by completely ignore me. and I doubt he might be just for sex...


it has been 1.5 months, but I still think of him and remembering all the small sweet details when we first got together. I know I felt very strong chemistry with him.


anyway, is it normal? and how long I'll completely completely forget him? never even think about him?

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Hi there, well, going from my own experience it took me a few months the first time around- that was after a 5 year relationship, i went through different stages, first i was upset and missing him, remembering all our good times etc, then angry- angry at myself for putting up with what he dished out and also at him then i got to a point were i really didnt feel bothered by it anymore, thats when you know youre ok. This might sound silly but i remember going to see my friend one night, i cant remember exactly how long it had been since the split- maybe 3/4 months or so and i just stopped and said to my friend "dya no, i feel absolutely fine now" and i did, that second was weird but i knew i was over it. I takes different amounts of time for everyone so just let yourself feel what you need to and i promise in time youl be saying exactly what i did.


Hope that helps xxx

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You will probably never completely forget him and never think of him, those are kind of absolutes for emotions which are hardly ever absolute.


People let go and move on at different speeds.


You may find in 6 months you hardly think of him, or you are still thinking of him regularly in a year or two.


It all depends on the individual person and situation.

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