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How do you get a job working with animals?

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The easiest way is to volunteer at a local animal shelter. They always need people to help walk and feed animals. From there you will build contacts and eventually land a part-time/full-time position.


Secondly, if you want to work in an animal hospital, consider a career as a vet-tech or related fields. It requires education, but not nearly as much as a DVM.


Or, consider working for a large chain like Petsmart. I'm not a big fan of most pet-stores, but Petsmart is 1/2way decent.

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Animal shelters provide training for you and youll soon get use to it. Ive only just applied to one and it also gives you the benefit of getting a NVQ in Animal Care which can help you if you decide to go higher up in a job like that. What they want is people who genuinely care for animals and dont mind doing some tasks that others wouldnt like (cleaning their litter trays, cleaning them) Basically they want someone they can rely on that will put the animals and their welfare first.

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Well. You can volunteer in rescue shelters to get experience. Or you could look online for jobs in your area or in the newspaper.


I think you have to do courses to be a dog groomer? Im not sure. Just look it up on google, each career path and see what you need for it and go from there.

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I am a HUGE animal lover, so I dont mind doing stuff for them. lol


yeah, my sister is a dog groomer, she loves it.


Well if you can express to them how much you feel for animals then they will favour you. There are many people who get the job just for the money (because they pay well) and dont really care for the animals so someone like you would be perfect. Im hoping i get the job i applied for, its the second time now, i only failed first time because i couldnt drive.


Another thing is you cant get emotionally attached to any of them and if you cant cope with the unfortunate event of a death of an animal then its not a suited job for you because you may be a animal lover but if you get upset over a death then its best not to go for it.

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A lot of places will train you, all you need is a love of animals.


I worked as a vet tech (went to school for it) for 4 years before becoming a nurse, and we had many kennel techs who walked, bathed, and played with our boarders (dogs and cats) with on site training and no formal education.


Have a look in your local paper and see what's out there.

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Apply at a local vet's office. I agree about Animal Shelters. I cry easily over animals, also. I worked for years at Race Tracks taking care of and riding racehorses. They will take and train you for the job. It involves a lot of work and crazy hours, but I still miss it sometimes.

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