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How come I can't talk to him?!?

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this guy really likes me and he has called me a couple of times but everytime he calls me I NEVER know what to say..he will talk for a while then he will tell me it's my turn to say something but I never know what to say..and I get nervous..what can I do to overcome this?!? do any of you have any advice for me that will help?!? PLZ help me........

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Firstly, make even the most boring parts of your day sound exciting. If all you did was lie on the sofa and read a book, be enthusiastic about it. WHen a guy likes you, he's into the energy you project, not only what you say. Also, turn the focus back on him. For example, say he's really into football, and he calls you up. He talks about his day, and then you bring up football, whether it's a question you have about it, or if you ask him who he thinks will make it to the Superbowl etc. You don't have to have a lot to say, you just need to know the questions to ask



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For a minute there I thought guys had that problem... haha.. looks like we're all in the same boat...check it out...You probably know what his interest are right...?.. if not work on that first.. if you do know.. just talk about guy things...stuff that he likes..ex: sports, cars, music... girls?...haha.. I'm a dude myself so I could go on about that... cause it interest me..when I talk to the ladies... I would think about what girls like and stuff like that and I could almost go on forever talking about shopping, clothes, movies, their favorite actors etc....vice... hope what I said makes sense..and would help.. cause if it don't I think I need some help myself...haha

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Think about what you talk to your friends about: school, movies, books you might have read and liked, something funny your pets did, something that happened with your family, etc. You could go so far as to have a list handy and ready for when he calls/you call him (I've done that, saved me a few times...lol). When you hit that snag of "What do I say now???" pull out that list and just introduce one of the new topics.


Also, conversations don't have to be very long. I think people feel a lot of pressure to talk for at least an hour or some other long timeframe, and that's not the case. If you talk for 10 or 15 minutes, but it's a GOOD ten or 15 minutes, that's fine, and will leave him wanting to call you back again since you only got to talk for such a short time previously, or vice versa. Good luck to you!



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