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2 guys..one girl..WHO DO I CHOOSE?


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Allright. There is Xavier, and Colton. Thier both Great. I knew Xavier first. and I liked him first..and he likes me. BUT then I met Colton and hes great to..and I like him now..but I like Xavier also...Heres the thing. Xavier..flirts with every girl...he said how much he likes me...but h flirts with my friend infront of me..youd think Id ditch him. but I cant. hes so sweet..and I really like him..hes kinda different now. he knows how I feel about the flirting..when he likes him. and he doesnt do it much anymore. we had this romantic sene in a park! it was so pritty..sky..at night.Great. THEN theres colton. Hes sweet..cute, funny, just..I met him at a bazarr and I never really had a conversation with him..we just exchnaged numbers and for about 1 month and a half weve been talking on the phone and stuff..we were supposed to get together a few times but it always ended up messing up and we never saw each other. I really like colton..hes a sweety...he lives in the same town as me..and Xavier doesnt..he lives like 10 min away..Ottawa (I live in a town outside ottawa) so we might not see each other occasionaly. but I do like them both! is there anything I can do to see who truly likes me..or ANYTHING to help me decided who I can choose..dont say like "who ever is the nicest" type thing. because they are both great. and they each have great personality's and its extremly hard to choose. plx help me!!


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