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Is This The Right Thing


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The background to the story is here . The good news is, (i dint mention it in my post) wen she told me that she wants 2 be mates i was like " im over it anyway. Ill just find a new girl next week". she said "lol well have fun with that". Den i went on 2 speak 2 her as if nothin happened.


Spent 3 days not speakn 2 her. now we only talk on the net and its a few weeks later. I texted her yesterday and she replied right away (like she dus on the net).


Now my pitfall is, im the one getting the convo goin all the time. If i dont den she wont. I asked her " so y have u stopped texting me" she said "i should ask u the same..... besides i never text 1st". I thought it would be a good way 2 test where im at.


Now i think we started 2 flirt again, but i dno. Im worried i might be startin 2 get friendzoned so i need to act soon. Today she was talkn 2 me bout how hot david beckham is and stuff, and i said " thats enough im feelin kinda girly" she said "why i talk with all my guy m8s about this stuff".


So were gonna hang out in bout 2 weeks i tink so im thinkn thats my time to strike and try one more time.


Also i dint mention ive started 2 tease her a bit more, to kinda shed my nice guy image. Ive also asked her for girl help a few times, and was plannin 2 message anoda girl i met whilst im haning out wit her (Jus to show her she isnt the only girl in my life)


So my question is, wat is the best way to ask her to go out wit me? have i been playing my cards right? is there anything else i should do.

Anyone have other suggestions on how to try one more time??

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First off speak English wit and wat are not words. Keep flirting ask her out and make a move I think you over analyze these things too much. This is what the 3rd thread you wrote about this girl. Every time I over think things it never turns out right. So chill and go with the flow. Who cares if you text first. Some girls that I've met that made the first text or what not never amounted to anything.

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