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Liking a friend.

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Ok im new to this so ill get down to it.Im 18,male,English.


I have become attracted to a friend(say Bianca).We get on brilliantly and always have a laugh together when we go out.I only really see her at parties or suchlike but we get on brilliant outside that enviorment as well.

I confided in her best friend(say Niamh) how I thought of her.


Niamh told Bianca how I felt and Bianca admitted that she really enjoyed my company but that at the moment "shes just not into guys at the moment".


Despite my confusion everything has remained the same and we still get on really well,it just nags at me that i should tell her how I feel in person and get it over with.i cant look at another girl unless I know how she feels.If she doesnt wanna get together its ok,Ill deal with it but its the whole thing of not knowing.




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