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Where are the tall girls hiding?

big greg

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While I'm no player, and I haven't been on a date in years, one thing I've noticed is that there is just an overall lack of tall women everywhere I go. I'm 6'6" myself, so what some might consider a tall woman would be short or average to me. 5'8" to 5'9".. that's about average for me. I'd love to just see a girl that's at or over 6 feet tall. The only ones who ever talk to me are the ones who are like 5 foot 1. It makes me sound shallow, but when a girl's under 5'5" or so, it's almost a turn-off because the top of their head comes up to about my nipple, and it just makes things awkward for me when I'm around them because I'm always looking down at them. What I wouldn't give for a nice tall 6'2" companion. *sigh*

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im 5' 10"...i often wonder where all the tall guys are. tall men always seem into smaller girls, i like wearing heals, so i ideally like dating guys over 6'0". i agree with you, i think tall men look really awkard with really short women.

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Yeah, I've dated 5'2" and thats tiny, I can't imagine being as tall as you. So far at college I've only seen 2 girls taller then me, one playing basketball, the other volleyball, but one might've been my height. I'm not that tall I stand at a good 6'3" I can't imagine 6'6"...

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Yeah, come to a large state university (or town with one) especially in the South (ie Georgia, or Texas). There are plenty of tall girls around. I am like 5'8" and there are times when I approach a table of women at a bar or club and I am the shortest of the group. Some have heels (not all though), but still.


Yeah as a shorter guy it is slightly annoying when I see girl who is like 5'1" with a guy who is like 6'2". I am like leave the shorter ones for me bro. I have tried dating girls as tall as me or a little taller, and while it can work, I found the hard way it is rare and usually a one way ticket to "lets be friends-ville"


My good friend who is like 6'3" ended going for a for girl who was 5'11", initially not his type, but she wouldn't let him get away. I am proud of him.

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haha I'm 5'11''


You don't count since you're like a Swedish-esque supermodel. =p


There's only one girl that's taller than me that I see daily - this one chick I see every day at the gym who must be like 6' 4". She's not bad looking either, awesome abs too.

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Yeah as a shorter guy it is slightly annoying when I see girl who is like 5'1" with a guy who is like 6'2". I am like leave the shorter ones for me bro.



Haha, no way they're far too cute.


To the OP.


I know what you mean, with the small chicks you do encounter certain logistical problems, but they're too cute to pass over due to height in my opinion.


I'm not 6'6" I am 6'4" but I love the short chicks. Don't know how short though they're probably tall for a girl.


Where are they hiding ? They're not hiding, there just no that many of them and they're really popular.

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yeah, I don't even think I've seen a girl in person who was even taller than 6 feet that I remember.


The problem with volleyball girls is that they are all athletic, toned, slim, fit, and gorgeous... and I'm not much on the trim and fit side (haha), so i don't appeal to them.

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Join a volleyball league! My neighbors are in one and I went and watched their games a few weeks ago. It looked like a blast, plus they are a very social group and we all went out for drinks afterwards.


It would be a great way to get in shape, meet some new friends, and meet some tall women!

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ohhhhhhhh, I found one.


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6'7" !!!


"I've always been really tall growing up. I've never had a huge growth spurt," Emillie said.


While comfortable with her height, there was one downside.


"It's hard to date, but that comes with being tall. Nothing other than that."

I'll tell you one thing, she wouldn't have a hard time trying to find me as a date!! lol

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I met someone who went to my Uni earlier today, she musta been 6 feet (I'm 5' 10"). Naturally she was once on the basketball team. Now, I don't mind tall women, problem is they don't want a guy who's shorter, so that's the end of that. (kind of similar to how it goes with me and older women haha)

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