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Negative test, so why do they hurt so much?


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I have sore boobs.


The conclusion: boobs hurt sometimes.


But why do my NIPPLES hurt so badly now? It was so bad earlier that I couldn't let the water hit them in the shower. I took a pregnancy test, and it was negative (damn right it is). But my nipples have been hurting a few days. I can't touch them. Bras don't hurt, but direct touch does. So no touchy.


I know if you're pregnant, your boobs hurt, but to what degree? Where? Nipples? Whole thing?


Any other ways I can tell if I'm knocked up?


Details that shoudl be known: I have Implanon, BC that's good for 3 years, and I don't get periods with it (have had 1 since August), so no "late" period so to speak. Don't use condoms (allergic to them). Boyfriend of 2 months with frequent sex. DONT WANT KIDS.


Anyone offer help?

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I don't know how it works with Implanon, I have an IUD and I have no periods - but I do still go through a cycle of sorts. I have had the IUD for 18 months and I find every other "period" or so I end up with VERY sore breasts (mainly the nipples and surrounding region). One month, like you, it was so bad I took the tests just to make certain there were no surprises.


Sorry, no advice other than perhaps you are going through what I sometimes go through.

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my nipples are hurting right now too. A LOT. i cant stand it, even by itsel without ntouching it/having clothes on.



i cant even wear a shirt because it rubs against it and it hurts. and it like inflated too. ugh.



anyway, it happens from time to time. i guess it's just random hormones.

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I have periodic soreness but when I think back to being pregnant, they weren't exceptionally sore at that time, mostly felt the same as when I felt the soreness from cycles.


Not much help, but the pregnant feeling for me was more a big tenderness and "expansive" feeling for me, not quite the same as my irregular soreness. Of course during pregnancy I went from a barely B to a huge C, almost D ... I was going to nurse until my daughter was 10!

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I have Implanon too, and every few months I get false-alarm sore breasts and a feeling of 'swelling' in my abdomen.

It's normal, said my doctor, so don't worry.


I adore Implanon. It's my only form of protection with my hubby and I love the way we don't have to use condoms.


I love it too. I may have to call my doctor and ask about it b/c they freaking hurt.

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Ok update on my boobage:

I bought a new bra, as the one I had was about a year old. I can't wear underwire in mine, so I figured maybe they hurt b/c the support from that bra is just worn down or something (even though it wasn't ratty or anything). So I bought the same bra, just in a smaller size (36B instead of my normal 34C). Now they don't hurt.


Today I got my period...first period since Januaray, 2nd period in a year. They still don't hurt.


So my conclusion is that with my period coming on (though I didn't knowi t was b/c I just don't get them anymore) and an old bra, maybe that's why they were hurting?


To sum up: girls, if your boobs be hurtin, look into getting a new over-the-shoulder boulder holder.

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