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Is this the definition of Women playing dating games?


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I think it is humorous that I am asking VERY similar questions. I agree with many of the above posters about dating "games." I am confused based on the current situation I am in "always initiating contact etc...."


I was/am in the same confused state as you. IDK, the best advice I can give is this. Don't push them too hard, and in a week (or however long) give each a call, have a talk and basically say "I like you, feel free to call me too."


My plan is to wait a week so I stop all forms of pushing, and basically just lay it on the line and say "I like you, if it's alright with you, I would like to take you out on a date (again). If not, that's cool and it was nice to meet you."



Isn;t it easy to see why so many guys just look for sex only on dating sites?


I mean when you think about it the guy really gets nothing out of the whole dating process but aggravation, he has th pay the bill, make the first call, set the mood, inititate all the contacts while the female sits back and get treated and waits to hear from him so she can RESPOND. So when a female tells me that a lot of men she talked to on the dating site only wanted sex, i say to myself-"I DON"T BLAME HIM"

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you read into stuff too much man. i think this is one of your flaws. you said they agreed to a 2nd date already. so set it up and do it. stop wondering.


so you contact them. maybe BOTH of these girls like the guy to chase. who knows? still too new and not much information.

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Chocolates, that is so true! See guys have all these rules we are supposed to follow or we lose the game! It's true. Sad to see they do this in Australia too though. I always thought of down under men as a bit more liberated than the states myself.


" Lets face it- if you are female and act interested, guys back off.


This is not about playing games, its just an unfortunate fact of life."


Yeah, if you act like you really like the guy, then suddenly, even if he acted like he really liked you at first, he won't call you, or he'll start being evasive... like you are playing some cat & mouse game..


I'm doing this now.. and i'm not even dating this guy... we met up a few nites ago.. he seemed supre interested.... and i returned his phone calls and even suggested we meet up again, but that's never materalized! So.. i'm just wondering if they guy was just stringing me along, or was put off by me being friendly! I mean, how does one win that game???

Once I called a guy I had been dating, and we even had had sex by then for his birthday and to invite him over for dinner, and he got all offended!

So.. gosh, i don't know what the heck to do with men anymore! It's just too confusing, and then you got some quacks on the web like ask men dot com.. oh, i hate that site, and it gives guys all these "tips" to follow...(and it's nothing but game playing) and then guys do it, and we women are knocked completely off-base, cuz we have no idea why they are acting so aloof or why!

I think the girls are just biding their time to see if it's you who is really interested.. but tell me, why do you have to date 2 at a time? Do you tell them both about the other one?

I think you should....myself... okay, ta-ta.

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