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He's Lonely and Sad

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Ok heres what happened today. I signed online and this guy i like IM'd me. He hasnt IM'd me in months, literally, im the one who has im'd im tho. Today he told me how lonely he has been, and how upset he is. I guess he had a bad day today and above all theings his baby brother is really sick. But then he completely changed the subject to that he was going to go to a strip club tonite, but he wont be able to now. O and then he asks if there are ne guys in my life right now, and i said no. and he sais there are no grls in his life right now either.


Do u think he meant ne thing by saying that he is lonely? And then about mentiionigh guys in my life. My friend says he was tryin to get me to feel bad for him about his bad day and stuff, btu we always used to tlak about that stuff so i dont kno.


And why would he tell me about the strip club, was it to make me think hes "cool" or to make me jealous or sumthin?


Ne thoughts would be sooo helpful .

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he might just be looking for something in his past that made him happy, trying to make you feel bad for him, or he might be crushing on you. maybe sometime you should suggest going somewhere to cheer him up like a funny movie or just go out somewhere. it doesn't have to be a date if he suspects or if you don't like him that way but it is a thought

hope this helps

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It sounds to me like he's looking for company. Either on line, or in person. And possibly, not only is he seeking company, but some emotional support as well.



The strip club bit, a lot of possible things happening there. He might be letting you know that were you around to talk to or whatever, he'd not be interested in going. He might be seeing how you react to the whole concept of a strip club as he might find it exciting, and is gauging your reaction to it. He also as the other responder indicated, my simply be trying to generate some sympathy from you toward him. He likely feels if you feel badly for him, and are sympathetic, it's more likely you will spend some time with him. It's also more likely you will give him some emotional support if he's down.

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