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New hair colour

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Hallo you gorgeous people out there!


I'm getting my hair cut and dyed later this week (friday or saturday I think). Will be cut to the bottom of my neck, and I'm thinking dyed a light brown? I'm not sure about this however, so here's a picture of the color my hair is now, and I want your opinions on whether a light colour would suit me


P.S My clothing and make up is mismatched on purpose. It was my birthday and it was the theme. This also explains my expression, I may or may not have had a drink or 12.

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Lol, thanks No, that isn't natural, but not very far from it. Usually I'm a darker brown. My hair seems to like going red no matter what colour I'm trying to dye it, so it might end up that way whatever I do


I was considering highlights...I'm a bit scared, but I think it's because I'm used to have very dark hair and the thought of highlights always made me think I'd look like a zebra. With lighter hair though...hmm. Interesting thought..thank you!!

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if you asked for a weave of lighter shade of brown and maybe a dark blonde, it would be subtly mixed in with the colour you have but the effect would be obvious yet amazing!

I always go for the weave, I have dark brown hair and it looks classier on me...unfortunately highlights kind of make me look like a tramp!


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They are "highlights and lowlights" but are done with small sections of hair... weaved throughout your hair...I can find highlights and lowlights on the internet but not many where they have opted for the more subtle thinner strands.


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this is how its done through out your hair...fine strands

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I actually think it looks beautiful right now. Your color is rich and glossy, and it matches your skin tone perfectly. Sorry to thwart your big plans, lol!


*angry fist*


Thanks whiskers, I'll ask at the hairdresser. I may go down tomorrow and ask for a price list and see what they say about that.

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