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Okay well I purposely haven't talked to this girl I still like for about 2 weeks now. We are both 16 and go to school together, and used to hang out and talk frequently. She knew I liked her, but she didn't know how she felt and was confused and 2 weeks ago decided we should be friends for right now because she doesnt want to hurt me in the future and she loves hanging out with me and doesnt want things to get weird and wants to stick with that. She says she doesnt know how she feels but she doesnt like love me and cant see the boyfriend/girlfriend thing right now. up til about a week ago, she was constantly trying to contact me thinking i was ignoring her. Well, I kinda was. i was hurt and i cant see myself being friends with her because the only way to move on is to stay away. we havent talked, and it seems as if any relationship at all even friendship might not happen because i am making no attempt to talk to her. she really hurt me, she just doesnt know it. I cant stand the fact that "she isnt sure". I mean, she really likes me and she thinks im real good looking too and she says there might be something in the future possibly but she doesnt feel it right now. heres the thing, ive tried to move on. i cant stop thinking about her. i love her. ive come to three roads. one, continue the way im going, leave her alone, shes out of my life. two, become close friends with her, not going to be easy. third, catch her off guard for valentines and think of something really cute and witty that might spark something again. not sure what it would be, but i would make it good, soemthing in the form of a text message or voice message or letter or card or something of the sort. i dont know what to do. i know you guys are gonna say i know its hard but move on, but you dont understand i have no problem doing that, its just that ive never felt like this for anyone before and i cant stop thinking about her. i think i love her. what should i do? should i leave her alone, keep her as a friend, or use valentines day friday to think of something good. please guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Yo, first you have to tell her what you really feel...what if shes trying to call u and tell u she wants u as more than a friend. You might be screwin urself over. Go and talk to her. And for vtines day send her a dozen red roses, dont send her a voice message or text message, c'mon man get urself together, dont (censored) urself over

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Hi John,


Thank you for your addition to the eNotalone.com forum. I hope this forum will be able to help you out. I will at least give you my point of view.


You said you see your self on a three way road now. My suggestion is that you try to stay close friends with her. Sure, do something GREAT for Valentine. I do like the idea of a text message. What I also could suggest is that you try to sing a song with karaoke music on your computer, put that on a CD and send that to her with a note and may be a dozen roses. If you want to see more about karaoke, look at http://www.vanbasco.com.


The reason why I suggest you to stay close friends with her now, is because this young woman might not be ready for a relationship right now. Some people grow faster into that at younger age, than others. I started seriously dating when I was 22. I am not saying that she is 'that extreme' (if you could talk about 'extreme' anyways), but still, it might give you a clue. You cannot force someone into a relationship with you. It does look like, though, that you really like her, so why not give it a shot like this? There might be a lot to gain.


If this really doesn't work for you, then I am afraid you will have to break the strings and let go. I think you will find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation in trying to get her heart anyways, may be you might even unwillingly make a fool out of yourself, trying. That might reduce your chances on finding another girl, since rumour gets spread around very quickly.


I hope this was of help to you and I wish you good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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