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please help! is there any chance i cud b pregnant if i had


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sex the night after i started my new pill packet. I mean im at my wits end just trying to work out if i could get pregnant. ive been joing with my boyfriend saying that im pregnant, and because ive been saying it so often, im starting to thik, could i be?


please please please help!


thank you

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not sure how the cycle works but iv 'e heard that a girl just knows when she is pregnant, and if you have that feeling than you may be, take a at home pregnancy test, that will give you your answer, maybe someone her can give you a more specific brand of test you can take, the name of it. and how to use it correctly. sometimes those directions can be confusing

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It depends on a couple of things. Firstly though, you need to give those pills some time to take hold in your body.....the waiting period between starting them and having "safe" sex is a week. But if you're asking about starting a NEW pill packet, as in you've been on the sugar pills for the last week, then no, the chances are slim to none.


Secondly, if you want to cut down your chances of pregnancy, use another backup form of birth control, such as a condom. If you're opposed to a condom, at least make sure your mate doesn't ejaculate while still inside you. There will still be "pre-ejaculation", but the Pill should prevent pregnancy from such a small amount. AGAIN: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF THIS!


Just remember: all it takes is one sperm to fertilize one egg, and the Pill is not 100% effective. Consider that a male releases millions of sperm every time he ejaculates-until science discovers a way of creating a foolproof, 100% accurate birth control method, accidents can always happen.


You're not going to have an answer as to whether you're pregnant for a couple of weeks, but if you practiced even the pull-out method of contraception, that lowers the chances that you are. If you know when you're supposed to get your period and don't, THEN look into a pregnancy test. Until then, you can't get an answer. But I wish you the best of luck.



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In the meantime - if you're just starting the pill, and don't want to go the condom route - pick up some spermicidal foam or jelly as a backup for the week so you won't increase your chances of being pregnant


As Mar said though - if you were already on it, and this is just starting a new pack, the time shouldn't matter since it regulates your hormones to prevent ovulation. Make sure you try to get on a schedule where you take them at the same time every day, like first thing out of bed, so you won't end up accidently skipping!

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There are a few things that the people have gotten correct about your situation. If you are newly starting the pill, as in the first time in a while or ever you have taken it, there is a chance you an be pregant. I am not a doctor or nurse, just a medical technician, but work with doctors everyday. If you are just starting a new month a pills, meaning that you have bene taking them for awhile... you should be not pregant. If you are just new taking the pill, ever, you will know if you are pregannt in about 3-4 days. When a woman becomes pregnent there is a gradually increase in a hormone abreviated HCG. A at-home pregnency test should be able to tell you that. There might be a subtle amount of HCG, if you are pregnant, that will show up on the home pregnancy test. Good luck and be carefull next time.

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