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Sex on a first date


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Just so I can give some input, I'll change the situation.

I'm a girl, so they'd be a guy.


In any case, I can't see myself having an actual intimate relationship with a person that showed such little self control.

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What do guys think of a girl that has sex on a first date? Would you think of her as being easy?



I would not think of her as "easy" though given that much effort wasn't required to seduce her the SEX itself would be easy. NOT the girl. She's just comfortable in her sexuality which is NOTHING to be ashamed of. We can all talk about what we think, but at the end of the day there is NO solid fact(to an extent). Just our personal opinions in which we are all right... and wrong. The problem is many people are very judgemental when it comes to a girls(or guys) sex drive. It's not so much the high school mentality of "your the man!" or "she's a S**t because she gave it up easy". More so it's just social conditioning. A girl may feel like she's "easy" or "loose" for giving it up too soon where as a guy may seem "needy" and "desperate" for wanting something soon which we all naturally want in the first place. EASY should not be a term. There's nothing wrong(girl or guy) with being openly sexual.


If I had sex on the first date I COULD be in a relationship with the girl. But later I may find out she dones't have what I'm lookingfor in a GF. On the other hand, I can have sex with a girl on the first date and find out she DOES have what I'm loooking for in a GF. Then what's it matter whether if it's the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd date to have sex? It doesn't ruin or help her chances(to an extent), but as I'm a sexual person it would better her shot because she is as comfortable about sex as I am verses someone who would say I have no self control or "One thing on my mind".


Also, things that are worked for are much more rewarding. Some people "chase" for sex. If you give them sex then why should they pursue when they got what they wanted?(and would you want to be in a relationship with someone like that?) Some chase for relationships thus giving them sex "gets that out the way" for them to only get very comfortable to know you on a more mental/emotional/personal level.


Sex can be the foundation of a relationship. Good and bad thing. At any rate, a girl shouldn't feel like she's "easy" at all. Just a sexual being. Nothing so much to do with self control either. Some people just more sexual than others. So it's never fair to judge. It can be like a "screening device" I suppose. Two highly sexual people have a date and hit it off. Great. One sexual person verses someone who is not as sexual. Bad. It's ALL circumstance and opinion.

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Well ymancvs.. This is your typical player, and probably a good reason why the STD rate is so high now.


"I have a male acquaintance who is in his 30's. He is a bit of a "player". He is recently divorced and joined a dating site where he "talks" to 20 year old women. Almost every first date he has with these women leads to sex. His % is astounding. What is even more fascinating is that these girls email him nude photos, graphic emails, texts, etc. I know he is not lying because I have met some of these women and I have seen the proof.

Anyway, I think what he is doing is ridiculous and dangerous, even though he is getting tested for STD's every 3 months, etc.


What fascinates me though, is the fact that these young women believe everything he tells them right away. He makes them feel very special and treats them well, until he gets bored with them. Occasionally he will meet a woman that is more interesting than the others and he will date her for a couple of months, but eventually he moves on to the next one."


see, even if he has tests every few months, he could still be spreading VD as it takes several months to show up, and how many women has he bedded by then, and you CAN spread SOME of the VDs like herpes and HPV, which are not curable even using the condoms.


What is another double standard is the age thing. Okay, for a guy in his mid 30s to date 20 year old women. If the roles were reversed and a lady, say 35, dated a 20 year old guy, oh, how the eyes would be rolling in their community.


I just wonder, with all this promiscuity and anything goes attitude, when women are ever going to be treated equally or with as much respect as men are??


I think this past presidential election brought home to me, anyways, just how much contempt people are willing to show women, i.e. Hilliary Clinton, even though she was a former president's wife, which in itself should warrant some respect, but all the potshots that poor woman took while trying to run for office over her being a woman.. well, it just made me angry really.


As long as women are in their 20s, and flawless and beautiful they are held in high esteem and desirable.. after that.. according to our sick society it is all a downhill slide, while men can be considered "catches" well into their 60s! How twisted is that?


Sorry, got a little off track there, but it's so true.. there are just so many double standards where one behavior for men is perfectedly acceptable and applauded by society, while the same behavior in women makes us trash! Highly unfair, I think.

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