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advice for age differences-need as many replies as possible


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Hello again, My name is Tyler Wood

and I have a problem, again it involves a girl. a different one, incase some were wondering I asked Celina- the other girl, if it would work but she said no, she just got too comfortable around me. but anyways.


Sarah the new girl, is well how to say....Perfect. She's funny, she's smart, she's athletic, she's short- 5'1" (don't think of me as weird but I like short girls), has beautiful bright eyes, a great smile and perfect teeth.....ANYWAYS I could go on forever. but heres the thing.......she's only 13 and I'm 17. I thought I would find love but I realized I was looking in the wrong place the entire time. but she also likes me back I'm pretty sure. she has always had a crush on me way back when we were young. I just never noticed, she would always jump on my back or tackle me, and sometimes she would say things like "Tyler is SEXY" and have a big smile on her face.


I already told her how I felt but I made a stupid idiotic mistake, about 3 weeks ago I told her that I liked her, but she was smiling which was a surprise. but I never asked her what she thought but she seems ok, actually we are alot closer, we hug alot more, just this weekend I went on a trip and I spent most of it with her, rock climbing I stayed by her most of the time, shopping she was in my group and we hung out the entire trip.


on the bus ride she sat with me a few times and we would talk and she would touch my shoulder alot, or hug me. and she would always look at me and smile. anyways I'm just wondering what I should do. I really really like this girl and I think she likes me back not too sure though. I want to be with her but at the same time I don't know what to think. Please help...


If you read this far thank you for listening to my problem and any advice from everyone would be good. if its good or bad just please reply. Thank you

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Four years isn't a lot... But I think that applies more when a guy is like 20 or 21 and the girl is maybe 15 or 16. Or 30 and 26 for example. I'm only one opinion, but if you are looking for a long term relationship with her, keep in mind that she is still pretty much a baby and has a lot of growing to do. My main feeling is that she is too young in general, regardless of how old you are

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Hi Tyler,


I agree with kesea. This young girl is really young. I would like to suggest to be EXTREMELY careful. She's at the beginning of her teenage years and still has a lot to learn, where you might have seen a few things already.


Really, like kesea said: four years isn't really much, but it applies more when one is 21 and the other one is 17. I am 30 myself and I can tell you as a father figure that if I'd have a daughter of 13, I would not allow her yet to have 'dates' or I would at least be very careful and monitor things from very close. I believe that a 13-yr old girl in general cannot make certain judgements. This includes judgements over 'dating' and 'relationships'. Do know that this is MY opinion. Others can have their opinion and I know that some would not agree with me. But, you asked as many replies as possible. This is mine...


I hope this was of help for you. I would suggest that you'd date someone that is a little older. Good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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