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hi....okay well it really started when this guy i guess wanted to get to know my friend or what ever and she like judged him right away as like "weird" beacuse he like is very polite and stuff...not something you find in your every day teen....ohh and hes a twin...his twin is basically the same....so anyway i was over her hosue and he called wanting to go to the movies with her and of course she just didn't want to go so we made up an excuse for her and then we just decided to go to his house just to like hang out (see i didn't know the kid....so i never met him or anything) so we went to his house and personally i had a good time they were really funny and just kinda fun to be around and of course my friends wanted nothing more to do with him becuase they have like that bad boy syndrome....since then they've never talked to them and they just think they're weird because they're nice...but i always talk to them before school i always sit with him (his names Dan so i'm just gunna call him that) and really hes not all that different from a normal teen...i mean he has really nice and just such sweet friend they always go to the diner smashed at like midnight ... just because they're nice and they come off really proper doesn't mean anything and i hate it that everyone judges him and stuff...im like you don't even know him....and now i think im starting to like him....i can't really help it everytime I'm around him i just can't help but smile but then i was thinking if i ever do go out with him or something what would happen?....so many people would like talk....and i really shouldn't care what they think but its just so hard you know???? and i dunno im so confused

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it seems like you do like him. theres nothing wrong with that. just get to know him more, talk to him more, you will realize soon whether you actually like him or not. if you both do start dating, people might talk. who cares?? you know better than to judge & if you do like this guy, nobody should talk you out of it. especially just because he's nice. its hard to find those kind of guys sometimes, at least hes not a jerk. don't even worry about what people say cause they don't know what your feelings are for him & they have no right to judge you both for your feeligns. if your friends suddenly decided they hate you for it, then they were never your friends to begin with. friends are supposed to want each other to be happy. go with your heart on this one. don't worry about what any one says because if they do they are just ignorant.

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