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Hey guys,


I was after some advice with regard to dating.


I met someone over the internet and we spoke online for about a month before meeting up which we have done now on a couple of occasions. Both times we've had a really good time and are both obviously interested inbut are still finding out about each other and taking things slow.


Neither of us have been physical with each other yet and I suspect that we won't be for as long as we keep meeting out and about. I think we're both too polite to initiate any kind of contact whilst being out and for now I am very happy that it has been like that.


So my question is at what point is it ok to move the dating on to maybe going round to each others place for dinner or a film? I fear that if we go on meeting for too long we could just end up being good friends rather than anything more. At the same time I don't want to rush anything but having not dated in a while am not sure when is an ok time to move on a bit.


Any thoughts most welcome.



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I think whenever is most comfortable. If you've been out 4-5 times, I'd say that you can always mention the idea to her, but be honest and say if she'd rather not yet considering you met on the internet, then that is cool with you. I'd be open about it really.

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Just throw out the idea... If you get rejected, its not the end of the world


Only do it when you have a reasonably good time, thats the important part... if you have 3 really great dates then on the fourth you want to ask her back to your place even though you spilt your icecream on her and made a few jokes she didnt like... I would wait till the fifth date lol.

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Thanks guys for all your comments, we met up again last night and went to see a show and then he asked me back to his for dinner which I took him up on.


Had a really good time and we're meeting again this week but even though we were in private, at his, absolutely nothing happened and I went home after dinner.


I think it was good though because we're taking things really slowly and I have recently come out of a long relationship so being physical with someone else is going to be a bit weird for me initially.


I'm totally happy for nothing to happen for a while because a proper relationship is based on more than physicality. I'm just worried that we're both too shy to make a move on the other and it just may never happen. It's like being 5 again.

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Perhaps he is not so shy as respectful? He may wait until he has some clear sign from you that it is time to proceed to the next step... As long as things keep progressing, no matter how slowly, then there should not be too much danger of slipping into friends only territory - just add a little something each date, a touch, a kiss, holding hands... there are still plenty of little inoocent hints you can give that let him know you're into him, but dont want to rush!

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