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I was in a very weird incident earlier today


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So I was at a grocery store just picking up a few things. Than I noticed this really cute girl. she looked rather young. probably around 14. she was with her brother and they were both acting real childish. so I was staring at the girl for a good 10 seconds.


Than all a sudden this guy came in front of me and said "Do you like looking at my daughter?" he seemed real angry about it. I didn't know what to say. The guy spooked me pretty bad. he looked around his 40's but he was pretty big. All I could say was..."I wasn't looking at her..."


Than he said "You better walk away"


Seeing as I already had everything I needed I just said "whatever" and just walked away. while I was walking away he said "Yeah you better keep walking!"


This has never happened to me before in my life. Why did the guy need to feel the need to do that? did he think I was going to do something to her daughter? did he have to be so angry about it?


But yeah I didn't want to get into with him so I walked away. I didn't want to get into a fight and who knows what he would of done if I tried talking back or even getting into a physical with him.


I didn't like the girl like that.......but I guess I shouldn't have stared for too long -_-


so was I wrong? or was HE wrong?


Anyway. reply please.

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I think he's being (overly) protective of his daughter. Part of me feels that you cannot blame him for that. The girl is 14 and my guess is that it's hard to deal with glances of men/boys at her. It's a difficult age for a parent to deal with, I think, to see a child change from a child into a (wo)man.


He may have interpreted it the wrong way, but you may (unconsciously) be sending out the wrong signals.

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I can't blame him for being protective over his daughter, either.


Forgive me if I'm reading too deeply into things, but it's curious that you entered this in Attraction and Flirting, and that you refer to her as "...really cute girl". Judging by this, you at least found her appealing to look at even if you would never consider her date-able. Her Dad picked up on this, and did what he felt he needed to do: tell you (a guy who's far too old for his 14(?)-year-old daughter) to take a walk.


As with your other misfortunes Evilken, the healthiest thing to do is learn from the experience and move on.

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Frankly, I'm all for the father's actions, if a bit aggressive... Notice the age, look away.

I have friends who have had direct and indirect experience with child predators - you may have had no ill-intent, but the father couldn't know that.

Better safe than sorry on his part.


(Besides, I've done similar to guys oggling past Girlfriends... can't imagine watching over a daughter)

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The other thing is - You can never assume anyone's story - for all you know there is all too good of a reason why he reacted that way, perhaps there have been concerning incidents in the past with other guys etc. Either way, you just need to be more careful not to linger too long when looking at anyone, you never know what impression you

re giving off!

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I had a similar situation with my niece a few years ago when she was 15. A man checked her out, and I gave him the "look" of don't even go there - look away!" I felt the same revulsion and if it had been 10 seconds it would have scared the heck out of me.


In my opinion, what you did was rude and potentially harassing especially if she saw you look - that can be very uncomfortable for young girls or boys. I agree that he probably went a bit too far in his reaction to you since you did walk away but I am surprised you didn't apologize or show that you meant no harm - you said "whatever" as if it was no big deal. It is a big deal to be young and vulnerable and have some older man staring like that.


If you don't think there was anything wrong with that and if you truly were that attracted that you believed you couldn't control your leering (because staring for that long - and in this "attraction and flirting" is leering) then please get some counseling for that so it doesn't go further or at least so you don't get the crap beaten out of you.

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sounds like something my dad would do when i was a kid. i'm pretty sure he's gotten in a few peoples faces.. just the creepy ones.. like the guy at baskin robins.... anyway yes.. dont stare at underage girls in a grocery store... it makes you look like a pedophile. i dont disagree with the fathers reaction one bit (not ganging up on you).. but this day and age parents have to be a little weary of someone who would potentially hurt the 'little youngin's.' And maybe you were shooting off some ultra creepy vibes.

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I've seen beach patrol thing on the courttv channel and they showed this old man taking pictures(I guess he was taking pictures of the waves and ocean) but some ladies thought he was taking pictures of their children so they called the beach patrol. The camera was confiscated and it turns out it was just waves and ocean beach he was taking pictures of.


The guy was very embarrassed(as you are, which is why you're posting) he was giving his camera back and there was no harm-no foul.


Point is people are very protective about their children. Pedophilia and perverts are on the spotlight now and for good reason. Im surprised you didn't get a bag accross the face.


That father needs to get his "tough-guy" attitude out of his head. To egg you on after you've acknowledged he was mad and were leaving is immature.

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While I agree that the father overreacted, next time, don't stare for ten seconds at a girl. Actually, don't stare ten seconds at anybody; it is considered impolite. Frankly, if any older male was staring at my fourteen-year-old sister, I would physically remove her from his presense.

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I wonder if it would have been viewed the same way if an older girl like me stared at a 14 year old boy for too long?


Anyway, to the OP, just make sure next time to control yourself and not to look too long! I would've felt the same way if someone stared that way at my younger sister, and I'm just her sister, imagine how a father would feel.

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