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Am I bipolar or have some type of mental disorder?

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I sometimes can't help but think that I have some kind of mental/depression disorder, and I find myself thinking that I'm bipolar occasionally.


Here's my story, I always think about my life, and think about my past, and every time I do I feel really depressed because sometimes I think that my life has just been through a real crap hole (I usually use profanity to describe my life but I can't on this forum but you'll get the idea). I start getting really sad and to the point of crying sometimes because I just see my life as a total ruined hole. But then the next day or so I'm better, or sometimes even when I think about the next day and feel bad about it, I'd do something such as make myself breakfast, play a video game, watch TV or something and I'd totally feel fine the next couple of minutes.


My emotions turn on a dime and sometimes for no reason, the opposite sometimes happens like when I'm hanging out with my friends and suddenly I start thinking about it and I just feel terrible inside. It usually happens when I do something that reminds me of it and once I start feeling bad its hard to turn it around. I just randomly get sad and happy and I sometimes want it to stop.


I don't know what to do, I have never seen a doctor for this and I have been depressed as far back as my childhood years. I have vividly remembered either wanting to die and being afraid to die when I was 8. My parents don't find any mental problems to be serious so I have never seen a psychologist for it and I probably won't until I am older.


Can anyone here help?

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Make a list of positives. Everything you've done in your life, from learning to do the laundry, to winning some award.


Move forward. Make sure you're able to add at least one new positive thing a month.


At first, you'll be able to remember the list, if it's small. Eventually, there'll be so many things that you won't even be able to remember them all, but the point will be clear. You're bettering yourself, and you've no reason to be sad about your life.

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Consider visiting a doctor and possibly make an appointment to see a mental health professional...what you described could be a whole number of things......mental health is nothing short of confusing.... probably not a good idea to self diagnose...but write down all of you’re thoughts and concerns about the way you feel so you can clearly identify what the problem is and if there is any pattern to the way you feel.....if it's depression there are anti depressants and therapists available to help you.....don't suffer in silence.....


I have read a couple of you’re threads before and you kindly posted on mine…I can relate to the whole depression thing and feelings of instability.....

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