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What Do I Wear To This Job Interview

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Hi i am interviewing for a job on wed. at an art gallery downtown, its a pretty laid back summer position, entry level like grunt work, here and there type stuff, im not like selling it or anything, just helping with the operations. I really dont know what to wear or how dressed up i should go, any advice?

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I am a firm believer to dress professionally for any interview, despite what they wear on the job. I think you wno't be able to go wrong if you do that. Better to be overdressed.


On my last recruiting gig for IT folks sometimes the managers wore jeans and polos to the interview but it was still expected that interviewees dress the part. Even tho the IT dept was very laid back interviewees still interviewed in professional interview attire (suit for the guys, dress or a pants suit, skirt suit for women).

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Yes, better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. I would say it'd be best to dress business formal. Even if the job isn't a profession, it'll show you take it seriously.

Put on a suit, shirt, tie, everything. Keep it conservative. No white socks.

Good luck!

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