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Still Catch Myself Thinking About Her

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Ive had previous posts about my situation with the Ex if you want to read those. Although it has been over a year since ive broken up with her I still think about her. Its nothing crazy like it was before, im not all depressed or sad. Its more like I just wish we still talked or where even friends, i feel like im missing a great friend in my life. We still are NC also. I stuck to NC religiously. Even though I feel like im missing a great friend I still think that even if we did become friends that all those feelings would come back and i dont want to risk my feelings. Its little things during the day or friends that im still friends with that she is also that just make me think of "us" again. Plus I believe she is still with the same guy that she broke up with me for. You can say Ive moved on, Ive had a couple g/f's this past year, but ive yet to feel as much love or emotion toward any of them? I guess what I wanna know is....Is this normal that I still think about her even after such a long time? Should I try and get in contact with her again?

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hmmm interesting i sense something different - he says if he "did" become friends with her he fears that all of his feelings would come rushing back - knowing that there is this risk do you truly feel that you can have just a friendship with her?


Plus you don't know what she has been up to for the past year?


I think you need to be VERY clear about your purpose/expectations if you ever do contact her again. If you are doing it in the hopes that the 2 of you will pick up right where you left off I would say do not contact her...but only you would know what is truly in your heart.

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Hey whiteboy,


I just posted this message ^ above at the same time you posted yours - so you want to be friends but you fear that you will want something more...


I don't know if you can have a "true" friendship only with her - knowing that your feelings are still strong for her after 1 year - I think you need to be true to yourself.

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Yeah, I think your right.


It would pretty much be me setting myself up for disaster. Especially if Im thinking that I may want more than a friendship. I just randomly get reminded about her everyday. Guess i still have to continue the search for mrs. right.




thank you shygirl

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