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I am stronger today than I was yesterday!

I will be stronger tomorrow than I was today!


Everybody that has a hurting heart repeat those two lines out loud.


My advice for all the new people in this site:


1) Listen very closely to the advice giving in here!

2) follow the advice to the T and do not stray from it!

3) Remember there are people in here hurting just as much if not more than you.

4) This place is only advice, what you do with it is up to you, but listen to it.

5) This place is where emotional miracles happen!

6) The no contact is more for your benefit than you exes!!!



I would like to thank everybody for there help in my situation


I will not be posting as much as I will be replying.

You all have done wonders for me and it is greatly appreciated

When I need help I know where to turn.

When others need help they can turn to me, for I have been enlightened by everyone in here.


I know that I am still weak on the inside for her, but cannot show anybody, because it is unattractive.


Live this day for yourself and tomorrow will be brighter!

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*Standing ovation*


Good advice there neallo. Even though it dosen't feel like it you do get stronger each day.


I cannot emphasise enough the no contact rule. I know it's hard, very hard but the benefits are enormous. After 6 months of contact I was healing very slowly and slipping back lots each time I heard/saw him. I stopped all contact. For 2 months I healed faster. Sure I still missed him, but not knowing what he was doing, not having his voice or face fresh in my head helped me. Then he broke the rule last weekend to satisfy his own needs - to see how I was. This set me back a bit, but I am dealing with it better now.


Look after yourself emotionally, post here, talk to a friend. Ride that emotional roller coaster, cry when you have to cry, laugh when you can. Get out and enjoy life as best you can.


We need to understand we are all worthy beautiful people who will all find happiness again.


Yes - tomorrow will be brighter.



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