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WHICH side of the grass is greener?

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hey everyone.


i just wondered when people say ''the grass is always greener on the other side'' why is it they believe that it means brighter, warmer experiance, for something that could be greener can go dim, dull and morbid. is that not correct?


this is my reverse poem, showing something that goes from what experiance to the other.

so which side of the grass am i on if once i get comfortable or accepting to one side it then flips?


which sides greener?


for once i stepped into brightness

something i had never seen

for the dark side had always past

and nothing had ever been


i had wondered what was off this world

something so bleak and vile

for hundreds of times i looked back and forget what was worth while


i passed into this new forseen

an appropriate time to change

for the previous years of my life

were nothing but routine


now in this brightness and what i feel new

can blossom something worth to feel

for life is not what it seems

when everyone in the world but you lives in a dream




any comments welcome.

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The whole phrase is self-contradicting and there-in lies the irony. Basically, you will always want what you don't have at hand. The phrase is not meant to be taken literally, but rather to express the universal dilema.


I agree that often the alternative isn't always better, and once you are on the "other side," the situation will reverse leaving you in the same position.


In effect, there is no "greener side."

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Well I have to agree with kodos, but what I have seen and done has showed me that it looks greener over there but most times when you go over there you will find out what you had was better. So I say dont give up what you have for something you dont need.


P.S. Nice poem

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thanks guys, so typically its a figment of our imagination, a desire for greed, something that probably will take us on the wrong course and we dont need.


there is no greener side, but a different you?


thanks and thanks cid, im glad you liked it.



the world is reverse, so many things such as emotions, reverse all the time. so that in itself shows the grass cant be greener...in my little mind anyway. *smiles*

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