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Do I have to respond to this?

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My story can be found here:


She just sent me this message over facebook:




i just wanted to let you know i forgive you for signing into my facebook and stuff. i'm sorry things turned out the way they did and there's a ton of things i want to say to you about everything but i dont think its needed right now. maybe we'll be able to talk some time. anyways i really hope you're having a great summer, im not expecting a response to this, i just saw your email apologizing again and realized i had never told you it was ok.


have a fun summer!




I don't really want to respond but when i apologized via email it was kinda pathetic sounding. I'm not looking for anyone to dissect this and tell me what this means, i just want to know if it is rude to not respond or if it will make me look bitter.

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Definitely do not respond back. I always right I do not expect a response back just wanted to let you know and I will tell you. It does bother me and make me think when I do not hear back. I always expect a response..... Do not respond

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haha, i had a similar experience. except the difference was that he refused to admit it, and i let it go because it's just not worth the fuss. i mean, the relationship has ended already. he was the first love for another girl after me, and lets just say all breakups take time to heal. that itself sucks. i prefer people respond back, but silence by far has had a more powerful effect on me. it allowed me to think through things and see more possibilities. carry on with your life. we're still young and we're too young to be cynical. seriously.


i'm a little confused, can you elaborate a bit on your situation?

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