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How long should I wait?


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My gf and I broke up about 2 weeks ago after a year long relationship under the terms that it would be just a break, but after a week of break went by something happened and we got into a fight so now we are broken up. But the way she handled it she was very sad and wanted me to be happy but she just couldn't get back with me right now. Everytime I ask for answers she always says "not right now". So I think there is still hope in the future because she said things like "I told my friends that theres no doubt eventually we'd be back together". She's afraid that if we got back together, we'd end up fighting again but I promised her I would turn it around for good. Still she said in her heart she cared about me she just couldnt be with me, and I guess you cant change that. I suppose time heals all wounds so I want to stop contact with her for a while, but I dont know how long. I dont know whats too early or whats too late. If anything we wanted to start from scratch like be friends again like before we got together and then progress from there. Only thing is when should I call her or something? Our 13 month anniversary would be on Wenesday the 25th. Should I mention it to her? Should I ask if she wants to hang out that day? Or should I wait longer.

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"I told my friends that theres no doubt eventually we'd be back together".

Then it is up to her to make that happen. Lay low and let her make the first move. If you see her do not talk to her about the relationship at all - just talk about other things in an upbeat and cheerful way.
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trying be friends when brokenn up doesnt work..especially not after a short period of time

if i were you id text her on wednesday and just say sumthing like

today would of been our 13month anniversary.thinking of you x

something subbtle but lets her know you care

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Well not like permenant friends. Like we wanted to act the way we did before we got into a relationship. Back then everything was perfect. And slowly work into a relationship again. I feel that if she was around me just normal then I could prove to her that I would change for her.

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I would but it's still a little early. I want to let a few days pass since our last talk.
What will be accomplished by that except her thinking that you really meant what you said and starting to move away from you?
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