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So I'm 18 and have been seeing this girl for the past month or two. We're both really into eachother but unlike me she doesn't have much experience at all. not that I have a ton but...I'm her first real boyfriend and sexually shes gone the farthest with me. We've been hooking up pretty frequently and it's a lot of fun. The farthest we've gone is her down to her panties and me my boxers. I've fingered her a little bit but she's still very tight. and she's felt me up a little bit but not much cuz you can tell she doesn't know exactly what to do and gets a little nervous. Well I've never been in a relationship where I really have to lead all the sexual stuff. I really don't want to go too fast and for her to get the wrong idea cuz i do really like her for much more than just hooking up. At the same time I don't want to just do the same thing all summer and never really progress beyond that.

With my exgirlfriend (the only person i've had sex with) we took it somewhat slowly...but really did everything before the night we had sex. I mean fingering, hand jobs, and oral for both of us...before we ever had sex.

Should it kinda be the same with this girl? what kind of progression should we have before we're really ready to have sex? I mean fingering and all that i'm comfortable with, but i feel weird giving her oral or asking for it when she never offers or anything. I don't know what do you guys think?

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agreed. you are def going to be the one to take the lead. but you gotta make sure you talk to her about it bc you dont want to put any pressure on her.


maybe talk about it one night. ask her if she ever thought of doing more. take it from there. just be very slow and reassuring. it sure is scary doing anything sexual youve never done before.

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i was in your exact same situation two years ago with my now ex. What i did was, every time we hooked up i took it a little further until she took my hand away. It's not weird to go down on her even if she doesn't ask you cause she really doesn't know anything (at least in my case it was like that). Just take it slow and step by step, if she's really into you she will give in when she feels comfortable

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