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I still cannot believe this.

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So my ex tried to kiss this girl 4 weeks ago while we were still having smth but she said she has a bf and all she can give is friendship. After that they didn't really talk much until 2 weeks ago that they went out cause apparently she was feeling bad abt something and I found him in bed with her the next day, a week later she broke up with her bf, and they've been sleeping since.


So now he's saying he's in love with her. After 2 weeks of sleeping with her he's in love. How is that even possible??? And why does he have to tell ME that and that he sleeps with her every day. Then he sleeps with her all the time and still tells me there's 50-50% chance of them being together cause SHE has to solve some problem. He says that I affect his emotions and that he cannot perform well when there's no peace between us but then he comes and tells me that.


Why does he think I wanna know that she was there all day yesterday, all day today, when I feel so bad I slept all thru yesterday and cannot function well today. What is wrong with him??? he has no compassion!!! 4 yrs to nothing.


Why do I let him affect me like this? This cannot be real love. Why is he doing this? What is he trying to achieve???


I do understand that he's a jerk and I have to move on, and forget about him, but this is so hard to do when he's doing this. And I just desperately wanna understand why ... Please, help!!!

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