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Im dreading it


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I've been on a few dates with this really great guy who I`ve known since I was a kid. The problem is that he's quite a bit older than me (I`m 18 he's in his early 20's) and I`m guessing experienced, while Im really really inexperienced. I'm not scared that hes gonna pressure me into doing something I don't want to because he wont, I know him. I'm just dreading the fact that I'll be really shy and I wont know what to do, well I know what to do, but that I'll terrible. I`m gonna be so embarrassed! Am I worrying about nothing? Will he care that I have literally no experience?

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When all is said and done you will know when the time is right and if he is the right guy. Take heart he may not be experienced as you think. Anyway all these feelings about it will disappear when you are sure that this is the one you want to with. Do not worry about him being more experienced than you, that really does not matter, because when teo people care enough about each other to do this, then both are extremely nervous. He will be just as nervous as you. trust me on that one. I was nervous the first time with the few woman that I have gone that far with. Make sure you do it because you feel it is right not to please him. Plus if he is experience he will know how to make you feel comfortable and that will help

good luck and play it smart.


P.S. Whatever you do do not rush into anything, just because you feel that he has to have it or else. He will not die without it, so make sure this is the one you want to do it with and go with the flow.

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*claps to neallo82288 great advice*


he's right your boyfriend or this person you are dating will be very welcoming towards you, and as rightly said as nervous as you. your not worrying about nothing, and as people have said to me, it would be partcially strange if you werent worried at all. like you said he will not pressure you into anything, making it entirely out of your own judgement, and at that moment you will do whatever you want whenever your ready. you say that you dont think youll be that brilliant

but that I'll terrible.

you wont, this is both something that you will go through together and enjoy together, having a lack of experiance will not bvother him, youve known him long enough im guessing for him and you to be comfortable round each other.

I'm just dreading the fact that I'll be really shy and I wont know what to do

im assuming this is your first time, and if so with anyone i would seriously be amazed if they knew everything to do and what was to be expected. its not like that. and despite jhow many videos or books or whatever resources you look into each experiance is individual.


dont worry about the worry you will have as that is normal. everyone is nervous and if not wow.

but good luck and it will be special if this is the person that you want to do this with.


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I had felt the exact same way you did when i first started dating my bf at 16 and he's 20. Well it's been almost 5 months that we've been together and i still haven't had sex with him. He never has tried to pressure me into anything i didn't feel ready to do, and if your guy cares enough about you he'll wait. Also, i had no experience either and he'd already had A LOT...so i didn't lie and just told him the truth and he had accepted it and basically tought me a lot of what to do...and your bf will do the same. Don't be afraid to comunicate...ask him how he likes it and tell him how you like it as well. In time, everything will turn out fine! Besides...we gotta learn sometime right?

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