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Why is this girl being so weird?


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I've been talking to this girl for awhile. She always gives me smiles and stares when I see her in person. She is always hugging me or something like that. She goes on about how good I look/smart I am and etc.


Then when I try to call her she never answers her phone. Like ever. She's only called me back once and I've only gotten ahold of her 3 times. In the past month and a half.


I set up a date but she kept having excuses for why we couldn't go. I started to sense that she is avoiding me so I confronted her about it and she was all "Nooooo, I like you" and we went out to eat and she said she had fun.


So I called her a few days later. No answer. I messaged her on myspace and she never replied.


I started thinking, she doesn't really like me. I thought maybe she's afraid to say that to me so she just avoids me? But why would she then go eat with me and hug me and all that? Then I realized she is always asking me to buy her clothes. I wondered is she trying to take advantage of me for money?


I'm not sure what's up with her but I know one thing for sure. She is REAL sensitive about me touching/holding/looking at her cell-phone. I don't know what's up with that. Overall she is coming off as weird and hiding something... plus she is sending mixed signals.


What is up with her? Anyone got advice?

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Dude, get away from this girl. Talk to some other girls and forget about this one, she's all over the place. I think her goal is to drive you insane or something. If she can't be bothered to answer or return your calls promptly then you shouldn't be bothered to call her or waste your precious time on her anymore.

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I had a girl like this on my tail a few months ago. I'd catch her glaring and smiling at me constantly. Then one night we randomly got introduced to each other through a mutual friend. We only had about 15 seconds to break the ice, but it was so obvious that she was interested. She said, "Talk to me tomorrow in class." and I said "definitely." The next day, I go to talk to her and she's totally unresponsive at first. Finally when she realizes I'm right there saying her name, she says, "ahhh, I'm so tired, wahhhhhh." So I forget her for a few weeks. Then she starts looking at me again, so I talk to her again and she responds in a totally awkward way, so I forget her...AGAIN.


Just let it be and move on. There are some odd ones out there that you just have to avoid.

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she's playing games with you and its not unusual. I have no idea what she is thinking, i cant mind read, but her actions suggest that she is playing hard to get.


Fine - just stop contacting her as much, and expect her to chase after you! what you are doing, is doing the chasing. Cut off contact, and soon enough she will start pursuing you. And if she doesnt, you'll know she wasnt that interested anyway. either way you win.

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