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Not sure what to do?


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Hey guys I'm in a bit of a situation and don't really know what to do. One of my friends called me up 3 weeks ago and told me she had someone she wanted to hook me up with, so I agreed. I got the girl's facebook and ended up getting her number and talked to her on the phone for a while.


We set up 2 dates, but she had to cancel those 2 dates. I sorta thought she wasn't too interested because she always ends up doing things with her girlfriends when I ask her if she wants to do something.


I didn't call her for 3 or 4 days and she called me and wanted to know if I was free this week for a date, so I said sure. We went out and I had one of the best first dates I've ever had. I really like the girl and when we got back, she said she had a great time and we would have to go out again. The next day, I texted her telling her I had a great time and we should go out again soon. She said she had a great time as well and agreed we should hang out soon.


Well, I called her up for a date tonight and she is hanging out with her girlfriends again. I'm not sure if she's just not really interested, or just likes being with her girls more? I told her whenever she's free just to give me a call again and she said she sure would.


Should I keep trying to pursue this girl or does it seem like she's just not that interested? Thanks!

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While she's probably interested in you it sounds like she's just doing her own thing. You handled it perfectly by telling her to call you when she's got the time. Leave it in her court. Now go out with your friends, have some fun and talk to other girls. If this is meant to happen then it will but you can't appear clingy or needy. When she realizes that you have your own life too and you have fun without her it will make you more appealing in her eyes.


Oh, you should also be prepared for the possibility that she might not be THAT into you. So don't get your hopes up prematurely and keep talking to other girls.

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i bet all her gfs are single. they are just doing their own thing and probably partying and having a great time. once her friends start getting bfs, she will be available more. until then, let her contact you. she isn't ready to dedicate her time to relationship anything it seems.

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