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Yasmin and morning sickness?

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SO I just started taking yasmin a week ago and have experienced some nausea (which is normal with most BC's) but the last few days it's been HORRIBLE! I couldn't even go to work! I'd be up all night feeling like I need to throw up and when I go to do it nothing comes out! it's gotten worse. So I called the advice nurse and they said "It can go away in a few months or stay that way foprever if it's troo strong for you" but my doctors said this was the right strength for me. Anyone else have extreme morning sickness with yasmin?

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Sometimes when you take the pill has an effect on nauseousness. I tried to take it in the morning and it always made me feel sick. Try taking it at night before bed. Or just experiment with when you take it to see what works best for you. (use a condom while you are trying to find the right time)

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Have you tried taking it with a light meal? The morning after pill is to be taken with a light meal due to the fact it could make you feel sick. Perhaps that might help.

I changed my pill, due to one that made me sick every damn day and all I could eat were salads and light meals. After 3 months and loss of weight I changed.


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When BC pills first came out, they had side effects like this. After a couple of years the "minimal dose" concept came out and now BCPs are a LOT easier to deal with.


Frequent nausea/vomiting is sign of a medication reaction. I am appalled at the "Advice Nurse" for telling you to keep taking them. It is a basic concept of Nursing that if a patient has a reaction to a medication YOU DON"T GIVE THEM MORE.


Call your Dr Monday morning make sure he/she is aware that you are having problems with this medication. If they blow you off, or do anything other than get you a new prescription.....time for a new Dr.

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I really suffered with birth control, I tried the estrogen/progestin combo pills, depo provera shot, and I had headaches and felt sick.


I switched to progestin only, the mini pill, and have no side effects.


It has to be taken at the same time everyday and is slightly less effective than the combo pills, but I take that chance.


Perhaps changing pills and discussing the options with your dr would be a good idea.


Hugs, Rose

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