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Summer Holidays!


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Thought it would be interesting to hear about everyone's plans. So where ya'll going this Summer?!


I'm leaving to Spain around July 13. Alicante. It's on the eastern coast of Spain, I think a few hundred kilometers south of Barcelona.


It's beauuutiful there, and the great thing is that a relative of us lends us a summer house right on the beach. Ooh, I can't wait. Already bought some very sexy bikinis some days ago!


Right after Spain I'll be taking the plane to Stockholm (Sweden) to meet friends.


How about you?

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Krakow for a wedding in August, and short trips to Prague and Vienna since I'm in the area.


I can't wait.


Ow I've been to Krakow a few months ago. Sweet town really. But hey, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria but NOT Germany?! Come over here if you're already in the area!

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I'm leaving on the 29th of June to Europe for 2 weeks. I'm saying Europe as I don't know where I'm going yet! We (me and bf and possibly his brother) are leaving that to Air Transat to decide (we are taking one of the locations from the cheap air tickets)

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Ow I've been to Krakow a few months ago. Sweet town really. But hey, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria but NOT Germany?! Come over here if you're already in the area!


But if I do that, then why not Paris, Chamonix, Milan, etc. I know...all of the cities are so close. But, I did my European tour 3 years ago, the last time I was in Europe.


I have family in Poland, and my cousin is getting married, but to me, it is an escape from the U.S. I love it out there. Prague & Vienna are cities I'm not too familiar with hence my choice with them. I did Berlin & Munich 3 years ago, so I am trying to stay well rounded I will come back and visit again one day...

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Oh wow you guys have such cool plans.

I'm going to south west france-staying near a small but pictouresque town called albion, and i'm going on 16th july for three weeks and we are staying in a big villa with a pool. While we're there we may drive down to tuscany seeing as it is quite near. Then I'm coming back to london and then I'm probably going off to northumberland to stay at my aunts castle and see cousins.

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Family holiday is to Somerset, haha. That should be exciting...


But going to Majorca in September with my girlfriends and I can't wait! We're going to Alcudia, in the North of the island, which is supposed to be very pretty and nice, and not clubby like the south is supposed to be. I'm so excited But it's still...12 weeks and 3 days away.

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Leave in a week for Roatan, Honduras! Getting excited! Snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, a wedding, and some lounging around.


Might take another small trip or two within the US this year... we'll see. Going to have to wait until 2009 for my next big trip.... my brother is living in Taiwan and wants me to visit him there if I can pull it off

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man i badly want to travel europe as well...


this summer (december), i'll be going to ausie, brisbane in particular, and burn myself.


i'm pretty excited, but then again, i live in NZ, and it's not that far from here.


**edit: i'm also planning to go to california, but everyime i mention that, people laugh for some reason, as if to say "of all places that you want to visit...."

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Well it is our winter at the moment but we are actually taking a summer holiday. We are going up to Port Douglas for two weeks on teh Great Barrier Reef....can't wait!


oh, i'm planning on going there too this december...as long as it's somewhere near/in qsld, i'll go.

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Ah`i've always wanted to visit New Zealand and Australia... but it's a) such an expensive airfaire and b) the flight duration would kill me. =(


buuut i'm heading off to paris in two weeks to work&study for two months =)

hopefully visit prague and fly to istanbul for a weekend !

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