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First phone conversation!!


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So long story short: I was at a bar about a week ago and the bartender ended up giving me the name of his friend. I myspaced him and have been chatting back and forth for the past couple days. We exchanged numbers this morning and the guy called me about an hour ago. I wasn't able to get to my phone when he called but I'm planning on calling him back. I don't have any idea what to talk about though! I'm so nervous. I want the conversation to flow well and be interesting.. but I just don't even know where to start. Help!!! What can I talk about?!?!

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I called him back! It went really well. We were only on the phone for like 10 mins, but the conversation flowed so well!!! I'm excited. We left off that we are probably going to go out on Sunday. YAY!



As for the bartender thing - I was talking with my friend at an Outback Steakhouse bar... I was saying how I wish guys would mature quicker and blah blah. He over heard my conversation and was like "What are you saying about guys?" and I said " That they never want to mature and settle down!!" and he said " Well I just got married (as he shows me his wedding band)" Then he asked me a couple questions about myself (school, work, etc.) and said I think I have a guy for you... He was going to give me his number but I asked for his name instead to myspace him.

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Niiiice. I know how it is when you have to make the first call. You're supernervous and you're afraid it's like going to be soo awkward but when you actually did it and you get off the phone, you realize it wasn't that bad after all and you feel really good.


I'm glad you're going out and meeting new guys though, considering the break up and such. I've gone through one about three months ago as well, but I've started to move on and I met this gorgeous guy recently (not going to jump into another relationship though) and it just feels soo good.


Have fun!

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