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What to do?


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Hey guys so I'm 18 and I've been with this girl for the past month or two. She's super sweet and fun, and a little shy. She seems to kind of always need some kind of plan. Like I'm seeing her tonight for the first time in a few weeks (cuz we've been out of town) and she asked what were going to do cuz she can't be out too late. A lot of the times that we've been together have been at night after a party or something and I want to have some stuff to do. Sometimes we can go back to my house to watch a movie and hook up and stuff, but I don't want to be doing that every time you know. Any ideas for things to do at night especially?

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when i was that young, i'd go to coffee shops with my ex and sit and watch the drunks come in. it's funny.


also, go to a park and look up at the stars.


grab some ice blocks and find a huge hill with grass. now that is fun. just make sure the bottom is clear of curbs, rocks, etc.


go shoot some pool.

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you could play a board game / cards. (i personally love them...)


you could cook something together


you could have a dance party!!!!


this is going to sound lame. but here goes.


i used to go to my friends house with my ex. they had this station on the radio called 'disney hits' or something like that. later in the afternoon/night, they'd play all the hottest hip hop. we'd dance all over the place for hours. good cardio and it was hella fun.

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