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this is harder than I thought

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I tried to call him last night, the night before he said we could maybe hang out today. He was still at work and said he'd call me later. When he called later he said all he wanted to do was chill and relax that night and appearantly that didn't include me.


Later that night my client I work for went to a friends house that lives near my ex. His mom called me because he forgot his pills he needs in order to eat, and asked if I could bring them over along with some fast food because she didn't want to drive there again. Now mind you it was 10pm, but since he wasn't able to go over there until after 9 it really wasnt unusual for this to happen.


I drove them over, and got to a stopsign on my ex's road and thought I saw him and his roommate driving the opposite direction. Now weather or not he saw me I'm not sure, but I almost want to call him to let him know I wasn't checking up on him, I was doing my job. Im the only one in our town with the kind of car I drive, I know I shouldn't call him, but I dont' want his roommate convincing him I'm stalking him or something.


This is so confusing. I honestly think we can get through this if only he'd be willig to talk to me and try again. He's going to a friends wedding on Sat and is planning on getting trashed and dancing and having fun. Thats great and all, but what if he sleeps with someone else and then never talks to me again? He said maybe we can talk Sunday or Monday when he gets back, but he's probably going to blow me off again. Relationships suck.

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I don't think he wants to be with you anymore.

It seems that he's more interested in dating other people and doesn't want to answer to you. From a previous post it sounded as if he'd said so.

I know you want to try and win him back...or you said you did, but I'm not sure it's working. Are you sure it's not best to step back and see what happens?

So what if he thinks you're stalking him, ringing him up to say you weren't, won't help the situation.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but from what you say, I can only give you what I see.


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