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OK so my ex bf and I, good friend still how talk a lot together, and are together on and off. WEll we were talking for a few hours online today...and he was saying a lot of sweet things. How he had this dream about us, and how he wanted to buy me something nice for christmas bc i mean something to him. And how he wants to seem during our break off from school, and that he misses me. Well here i am thinking wow he seems to really care about me and seems like hes really changing and really wants to be iwth me. Well the he wants to play this random game because he can't sleep. So he wants to take turns asking random questions. I asked him , who is the prettiest girl you have ever kissed? ANd he replies, this random hook out a party before we started going out, someone he doesn't even know but when he was "ontop of his game." So i reply, i thought i was the prettiest girl. And he replies, the prettiest girl i know the name of.


Just something abotu what he said brought tears to my eyes and just really hurt me. I know i am not hte prettiest girl out there. Don't get me wrong. But he always said that I was the hottest girl he has ever been with me, and I always thought in his eyes I was #1. To hear that, and to hear the way he phrased it just kinda gave me this new light to how he views me in his life.. I feel awful now.. LIke whtver I thought isn't true. Just because he thinks some random hook up with a girl he doesn't know, is something so much mroe important..or he really considers a random girl the prettiest girl he kissed.. I'm just really upset about it.. I dunt know if I should tell him, let it go.l. if i'm overreacted or if it means something..I am just so hurt bc for the first time in 3 yrs he said something like this... Help anyone?

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hey smiles,


Well you did ask him the question, and to give him credit he did answer 'honestly'- you can't blame him for that. I think you asked that question maybe deep down expecting him to give you a 'certain answer', and i dont blame you especially after he said all the 'sweet things' earlier, and secondly because thats what a girl would naturally want to hear. We are complete opposites, so when you ask a guy something like that, dont expect them to become emotional, luvy-duvy and call you the most beautiful girl in the world or something, especially when he talks about things like 'i was on top-of-my-game'.


He sounds pretty confident whose 'been around', so for him to tell you your the prettiest and hottest girl he actually knows should make you proud and secure! 3 years! Wow go girl usually a guy with his attitude would get bored after a few months, no matter what the looks are! I dont think you should really get upset, you asked him and he honestly answered, dont expect anything. I mean if i had kissed britney and my girl asked me that question, i cant deny britney was the best looking with out lying to her, and im sure she wouldnt want that. Your doing great, dont worry.


Good luck

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your guy is DA MAN! only once in 3 years, he makes a major boo-boo.


most guys splatter themselves every couple of days or weeks (depending on frequency of being with their girlfriends)


and even more amazing, he only makes the boo-boo after he turned ex. amazing guy. how does he do it? what's his secret formula? if he wrote a book, i tell you he will make millions!


and yes, that random girl is what he really really wants. and since that was before he was in a relationship with you, you might want to think that had he managed to hook up with her on a long term basis, you wouldn't even have to worry about it now.


so thank that other girl, cos you got him, not her, with her solid looks and all. hmmmm, or maybe he wasn't so hot so she didn't want him? well, er, either way, it works out, cos you're not with him now either! er, right? or did i make a major boo-boo here?

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