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Split with the current ex 4 weeks ago and there is 100% no one else involved.


As good looking as she is, she is not the sort of person to start seeing someone else for a few months, she has told me that, as have her friends.


This however presents a problem, I am not looking to date for a while and we live in a small town and have mutual friends. So will run into each other.


When I split with my first ex, she started seeing someone right-away, this helped me get closure and move on with my life.


With my current ex I am left hoping, wondering and thinking what if?


The question is, is it better for your ex to start seeing someone else in order for you to move on with your life?

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I know what you mean! Its a very long story to be honest ( i just put up the post lol) but I am finding it so hard now my ex has a new partner. Do you still have feelings for your ex? It all depends on the person really, but in my experience, and only in my experience its not much better for them to have a new partner, infact i find it worse.


Hope this helps in some way!

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personally for me the break up didnt hit harsh reality until she told me she is seeing someone else and that she is happier (only took 6 weeks for her to move on, she was the dumper)

deep knife plunge


Same here... and that was only a week after the break up...


Moving on is about you... time is the factor... you have to have time to grieve... you have to have time to work on yourself no matter if she is with someone else or not...


good luck


keep us posted on the situation


Hope is all we have

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