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on and off relationship... and someone else...

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my boyfriend and i broke up officially earlier this year, but i never accepted it, and somehow, we still acted as if we are together... we are in different continents, and we communicate regularly on msn...


until last week, i feel as if i can give up everything and return to be with him when i graduate... until i met someone else... who woke me up from my dream, revealing the possibility that i can have both a career and a relationship...


i'm in a state of utter confusion... i feel as if my love for my bf has died all of a sudden, and i can finally accept that the relationship is over... at the same time, i feel an excitment that i have never felt for a long time whenever i speak to this new person i met....


am i too vulnerable at this time to go into a relationship? i dun want to get hurt again if the new guy rejects me, should i put myself out there or stay in the background?

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i think that if this new guy makes you feel happy then you should give him a try. i read earlier in a post that you believe in fate, that whats meant to happen will. do you think this guy has come into your life for a reason?? you don't even have to start dating him right now. you can just be friends & see what that leads to. i understand that you are scared to get hurt again, i really do, i have felt the same way before. but we have to take the risk of possibly getting hurt when it comes to relationships. people some times do get hurt. its all part of being in love & finding your soulmate. we can get over a heart break even though it takes time. but if you don't at least try you will regret not knowing what could have happened.

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