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I'm 16, i've been dating my boyfriend for jsut over 6 months. We fool around, and we both enjoy it. I know he wants to do more, (so far just fingering, and hand jobs) i'm sort of considering oral sex, and i know he wouldn't have and real objections to it. Is this so wrong to be thinking about at my age? If not, is there any right or wrong way to do it?

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i dont think any one can say whether its ok for you to do it or not at your age. you are old enough to know what you are ready for & what you arent ready for, so do what you feel is right. just make sure you know the consequences to every thing you do & make sure that its what you want & not just some thing that your bf wants, only from your post it seems like you want it too.

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Hi smart_blonde_1


At your age it's not wrong to think about sex and doing it. It's very normal actually. If you keep yoursellf save and protected (Condoms, Pil, etc.) go for it. But remember: Only do the things you want to do and nothing more, take it slow and at your own pace. You have a lot of years ahead of you in which you can learn all about sex and what can en can't be done.

But most of all, like I said: BE SAFE!!! Always use a condom and take the birthcontrolpil!!!


Hope You'' Have Great Sex!!

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Dear smart blond,


You are taken an very natural step in your relationship. It is not wrong to think about this things around your age (I lost my virginity on that age).


The only wrong oral sex is oral sex that is not enjoyed by the one who is receiving it. So during, check if he likes it. If not, change your doing. Ask him what you have to do / if he likes it. I am sure he will tell you what he likes.


Hope you're having fun! Please remember, you both have to like it and do it safe! (birth control & condom)

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