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I really want to.....

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Ok..i really want to have sex with my boyfriend. We almost did the other day but like my parents were coming home so i was like uh no..The only thing im afraid of it that its gonna hurt. I mean i have never used tampons..cuz when i try it hurts a lot..and um even getting fingered hurts me whats am i supposed to do....lol

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It does hurt a bit the first time. The best thing to do is make sure you're really relaxed and that you've got plenty of time and no worries about parents suddenly barging in!

You need to be turned on or it will hurt anyway whether its your first time or not. So get your b/f to do lots of stuff you like and wait till you feel well-lubricated (aargh! I can't believe I said that -I'm british!) If getting wet is a problem for you, you can always get something a special lubricant (maybe someone else will tell you of the best one as i know some of them shouldn't be used with condoms)

Anyway, hope that helps you. Don't expect the first time to be brilliant though, cos it almost never is!It gets better with practice!!

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iif you think your ready and your sure you love him and your sure he loves you. you should just try it, since its your first time it might hurt a little but trust me its going to get a whole lot better its worth it. but just make sure he loves you its not right seeing a innocent girl get used

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